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Pelican Products

Pelican™ Photoluminescent Flashlights

PL Flashlights     
Powerful Illumination.     
Shining the way for safety lights to come, Pelican™ Products has unveiled glow-in-the-dark versions of their most popular flashlights which feature photoluminescent lens rings.

The special material in the lens ring maintains a charge from exposure to ambient light from almost any source, including light bulbs, the sun or even the flashlight’s own beam. The resulting green glow shines like a beacon even after the light is switched off. So during blackouts and emergency situations, a tough, dependable flashlight will always be readily available.
You break it, we replace it... forever.™
  Light Source Light Output Runtime Beam Distance Batteries Length Weight Flashlight Colors
Pelican SabreLite 2000 Pelican SabreLite 2000 Xenon 53 Lumens 5 hrs 158m 3 C Alkaline 7.79" (19.8 cm) 12.8 oz. (362.87 g) Black, Orange, Yellow
SabreLite 2010 LED SabreLite 2010 LED LED 109 Lumens 32 hrs 144m 3 C Alkaline 8.11" (20.6 cm) 13.4 oz. (379.88 g) Black, Yellow
Pelican StealthLite 2400 Pelican StealthLite 2400 Xenon 45 Lumens 3 hrs 45 min 125m 4 AA Alkaline 6.49" (16.5 cm) 7.1 oz. (201.28 g) Black Orange Yellow Lime Green
StealthLite 2410 LED StealthLite 2410 LED LED 183 Lumens 7 hrs 30 min 161m 4 AA Alkaline 7" (17.8 cm) 7.3 oz. (206.95 g) Black, Yellow
Pelican 3310PL Pelican 3310PL LED 378 Lumens 8 hr 45 mins (high) 240m 3 AA Alkaline 6.14" (15.6 cm) 6.2 oz. (0.18 kg) Photoluminescent
Little Ed 3610 LED Little Ed 3610 LED LED 183 Lumens 7 hrs 30 min 161m 4 AA Alkaline 7.51" (19.1 cm) 10.5 oz. (297.67 g) Black, Yellow
Pelican Big Ed 3700 Pelican Big Ed 3700 Krypton (Primary Krypton (Back-up) 39 Lumens (Primary) 25 Lumens (Backup) 6 hrs 15 min (Primary) 8 hrs 30 min (Back-up) 98m (Primary) 51m (Back-up) 4 C Alkaline 7" (17.8 cm) 20.32 oz. (576.06 g) Yellow
Pelican 3715 LED Pelican 3715 LED LED (High)
LED (Low)
174 Lumens (High)
95 Lumens (Low) 32 Lumens (Downcast) 142 Lumens (Flashing)
4 hrs 45 min (High)
8 hrs 30 min (Low)
31 hrs (Downcast)
10 hrs (Flashing)
278m (High)
175m (Low)
28m (Downcast)
278m (Flashing)
4 AA Alkaline 14.4 oz. (0.41 kg) Yellow, Black
Pelican Big Ed 3750PL Rechargeable Pelican Big Ed 3750PL Rechargeable Krypton (Primary Krypton (Back-up) 96 Lumens (Primary) 28 Lumens (Backup) 1 hrs 45 min (Primary) 4 hrs (Back-up) 133m (Primary) 65m (Back-up) 4 C NiCad 7" (17.8 cm) 20.48 oz. (580.6 g) Yellow
Pelican 3765 LED Rechargeable Pelican 3765 LED Rechargeable LED(High)
172 Lumens (High)
94 Lumens (Low)
32 Lumens (Downcast)
140 Lumens (Flashing)
3h 15m (High)
5h 15m (Low)
14h 30m (Downcast)
9h (Flashing)
274m (High)
181m (Low)
28m (Downcast)
274m (Flashing)
4 AA Ni-MH (Included) 5.36" (13.6 cm) 14.6 oz. (0.41 kg) Yellow, Black