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Pelican Products

Pelican™ Case Details
Pelican Protector Case Stronger By Design
Stronger By Design
The Pelican™ Protector Case uses solid wall construction and open cell core design to give you an indestructible travel case. The lightweight ultra high-impact .25" structural copolymer polypropylene outer walls are four times stronger than conventional injection molding cases. The non-corrosive stainless steel pins securely attach the handles, latches and hinges to the body.
Waterproof O-ring Seal
Waterproof O-ring Seal
The secret to a watertight case is its o-ring of course! The unique design of the Pelican™ case features a tongue and grove fit with a neoprene o-ring that acts like a dam--stopping water from invading the case. This helps make the case water and air tight up to 30 feet. The o-rings are removable and replaceable.
Automatic Purge Valve
Automatic Purge Valve
The exclusive Automatic Purge Valve is a semi-permeable membrane, which resists water ingress and automatically releases pressure in case of atmospheric pressure changes. That makes it perfect for holding camera lens because it will help keep them dry-preventing fungus from growing on your expensive lens.
Pick 'N' Pluck- The Ultimate Protection
Pick 'N' Pluck- The Ultimate Protection
The versatile "Pick 'N' Pluck" foam padding guards even the most sensitive of equipment from damage. Pelican cases are available with pre-scored 1.6 Lbs. per cubic ft. open cell Polyurethane foam.

Place all of your equipment on top of the pre-cut grid. Distribute until you have a suitable arrangement. Leave adequate space between each piece of equipment.

For maximum protection keep equipment inside pre-cut grid area.
Smarter, Easier Latches
Smarter, Easier Latches
Introducing the new easy-to-open Double-Throw Latch. It's the classic "C" clamp design with some clever physics thrown in. The secondary movement works like a pry-bar to begin the release and offers plenty of leverage to open with a light pull. With a failure threshold of nearly 400 lbs. for each latch, you could drive a car over it without them failing.
Pick 'N' Pluck- The Ultimate Protection
Panel Frame Mounting System
Panel Frame Mounting System
Pelican™ offers an easy solution for installing interface panels to any Pelican™ Protector Case: our mounting bracket installs beneath your panel and fits against stops molded inside the case walls. The o-ring seals the panel so the case remains watertight even with the lid open. With pre-drilled holes and stainless steel screws, fabricating a custom case is faster, stronger, and more accurate.